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INTERESTING RECIPES - Have you tried these ??
Have you got bored preparing the same dishes every day, here are a few interesting ones you can try out click here for more..

Tangy Tomato Chutney

Ragi/Finger Millet Soup - A Low Calorie Soup

Mangalore Southe kai Huli

Ridge Gourd/Heerekayi Skin Chutney
MOST Recent Recipes
Sankranthi Paka - Kasturi Channel
In Karnataka we celebrate Makara Sankranthi by preparing and distributing "Ellu-bella" and "Sakkare Achhu" to friends and relatives. We got an opportunity from Kasturi Channel to perform Sakkare Achhu, Pongal and Hittina Aambode. Here goes the show video ... more...

Cumin water/Jeera Water/Jeerige Kashaya
Cumin seed also known as Jeera, is one of the important spice in Indian cooking. Jeera Kashaya gives relief from stomach aches, reduces acidity. Jeera Kashaya always comes to rescue whenever we eat on festival days... more...

Barley Soup
Prepare this delicious barley soup for dinner !! Barley is high in fibre, great source of Iron, folate and Magnesium. It helps in lowering cholesterol as well. Believe me barley looks very boring but tastes exotic! more...

The most popular breakfast of South Indians!!! Idly is not only easy to make but also extremely healthy and easy to digest. more...

Mangalore Southe kai Huli
Mangalore Soute Kai Huli a common traditional sambar/huli prepared for for weddings and festive meals. A traditional dish from the famed Mangalore-Udupi region. more...

Set Dosa
Set Dosa is another variety of South Indian Dosa. Its so soft, spongy and fluffy. more...

Rajma Masala / Red Kidney Beans Curry
Rajma Masala / Red Kidney Beans Curry is one of the best North Indian recipes. A very popular and authentic punjabi gravy made with red kidney beans. The best of Rajma are available in Jammu in India. more...

Oats Dry Fruits Ladoo
Krishna janmastami is just a few weeks ahead and many of us would be preparing various kind of sweets and snacks for this festival. You can think of preparing this sweet too. Oats dry fruits ladoo recipe is a sugar free version. more...

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