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All Recipes > Curries/ Sambar/ RasamPosted On: Tuesday, November 1, 2011
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         Sandige Huli/Unde Huli - Karnataka Traditional Sambar

Sandige huli/Unde Huli is a traditional mouthwatering dish prepared mostly on Devarasamaradhane function. Sandige huli/Unde Huli does not include any vegetables mainly dal is used, so you can call it a high protein rich dish!

Small lemon size balls of togari bele (Toor dal) are made by steaming and soaked in the gravy (Huli). Sandige huli/Unde Huli is little time consuming dish but very tasty at the same time. 


Toor Dal: 1 cup

Grated Coconut : 1 cup

Green Chillies: 10-12 (You can also use Red chillies instead of green chillies - 7-8)


Turmeric: 1/2 tsp

Grated Jaggery: 1 tsp

Curry Leaves: 1 strand

Tamarind juice: 2 tbsp

Ghee: 1 tbsp

Mustard Seeds - 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil - 1 tbsp

sandige huli


1. Soak Toor dal (togari bele) for 3 hours. Drain the water, Grind green chillies and soaked dal coarsely.

sandige huli

2. Add coconut, salt, Asafoetida to the paste and mix well as shown in the picture.

sandige huli

3.  Heat oil in the kadai on a medium flame. Add mustard seeds when it starts spluttering add the above mixture and just keep frying for 5 mins, you will get a good aroma, cool it for few seconds.

4. Keep aside 1/4 of the mixture, with the remaining now make small lemon sized balls. Steam the balls/Unde's in the pressure cooker for 15 mins. Sandige/Unde's are ready. (You can also taste these unde's which are very tasty)

sandige huli

5. Now take the mixture which is reserved aside, grind it to a very fine paste and then add a glass of water.

6. Heat ghee in the kadai add mustard seeds when it starts spluttering add the above grind mixture (Step 5), tumeric powder, Tamarind juice, salt to taste, jaggery, curry leaves bring it to boil.

7. Now slowly drop the Sandige/Unde to the gravy, Simmer the flame and cook for 5 - 10 mins. Sandige huli/Unde Huli is ready to serve.

Serve Sandige huli/Unde Huli with hot rice and ghee.

sandige huli

15 friend(s) like this
Tags: sambar

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